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Mindfulness10th December 2015For Deaf people only Please let us know if you are interested! ...Read More

Thank you for LIDL for donating £2,0005th November 2015LIDI community work for donating £2,000 towards Sign Languages and Deaf Awarness. ...Read More

Thank you for B&Q raising £275 5th November 2015Thank you for B&Q raising £275. ...Read More

Thank you for Dungiven friends for raising £2,032.29th October 2015Hands That Talk would like to thank - Phyllis Farren, her Benedy and Dungiven friends for raising £2,032.  This is very much appreciated and will help us to further our work towards meeting the needs of the Deaf Community. ...Read More

New Sign Language Course1st September 2015  Hands That Talk will be offering a range of Sign Language Courses at their Centre at 116 Main Street Dungiven BT47 4LG Basic BSL Sign Language Course BSL Level 1 course (32 weeks) Deaf Awarness Course If you would like to take part i...Read More