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Deaf Men13th November 2014Information on different cancer affecting men. You need to know about this..   ...Read More

Cup of Coffee or tea13th November 2014Let's meet again for a cup of coffee or tea ...Read More

Hearing Aid Clinic13th November 2014Hearing Aid Clinic 1st Tuesday every month in Hands That Talk at 12-1pm ...Read More

Do you want to Learn sign Language BSL Level 1 or 2?2nd July 2014...Read More

Volunteers Needed5th June 2014 Our new 'Drop In' Centre will be open every Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am - 2 pm ... Can you volunteer your time to help out for a couple of hours? (10-12 or 12-2). Volunteers can be deaf or hearing members of the community. It would be a perfect...Read More